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schubert + braun prothesenwerk - Silicone Prosthesis

Personalized prostheses, masterly crafted

schubert + braun prothesenwerk is all about individuality. Crafting personalized prostheses for your specific requirements and expectations is more than our profession, it is our vocation. Our service production here at schubert + braun honors human uniqueness and acknowledges individual needs. We offer a wide variety of prostheses for fingers, hands and arms, as well as toes, feet and legs. Each prosthesis is individually manufactured by masters of the craft.

We put the art in artificial limbs

schubert + braun stands for innovative prostheses, manufactured with skill to meet the highest customer standards. With a schubert + braun prosthesis you get more than your average artificial limb, but a work of art - crafted with perfectly matched, natural coloring and shapes, without trading off functionality or comfort.

Skilled craft meets innovation

At schubert + braun we believe that prostheses can be both functional and beautiful. We bring together new technologies, innovative materials and time-tested manufacturing knowledge to provide you with the best prosthetic service and products possible. Our team’s competence, professional experience and passion reflect in every prosthesis we manufacture.