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schubert + braun prothesenwerk - Silicone Prosthesis

Service Procedure

  • schubert + braun prothesenwerk gmbh Service Production shall receive informative photos of the clinical situation of the patient to be served. In coordination with you, based on the photos we prepare an offer which you will receive as a .pdf file attached to an email.
  • For processing the order, we need a cast of the side to be served, a cast of the opposite side and a fully completed measurement sheet. Measurement sheets can be found on the homepage as a printable file under “Measurement sheets”.
  • The information obtained from the plaster models and the measurement sheet will serve as a basis for the production of a test prosthesis. (Scheduling of production by agreement)
  • The patient shall wear the test prosthesis for approx.. 3 – 4 weeks in daily life. If required, modifications are performed by appropriate processing.
  • Upon receipt of the returned test prosthesis, we will begin manufacture of the definitive prosthesis.
  • For producing the “Individual” variant with lifelike colour design, information about the patient’s skin colour is required. To this end, the patient should visit us in Dresden to match the colours of the skin and nails. (The colour selection process will take approx. 3 – 6 hours)