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schubert + braun prothesenwerk - Silicone Prosthesis

Guidelines for Service Production

To be able to use the Service Production of schubert + braun prothesenwerk gmbh efficiently and ensure smooth processing of orders, we ask you to consider the following points prior to placing an order.

General Issues

  • Please measure the patient.
  • Please enclose a completed measurement sheet with every order.
  • For shipping the plaster positives, use shatter-proof packaging.
  • When using a test prosthesis as a basis for manufacture, schubert + braun prothesenwerk gmbh will assume that here all issues of functionality, biomechanics, correct fitting and compatibility with ready-made everyday articles have been resolved. Hence, the definitive prosthesis is manufactured exactly according to the test prosthesis. No changes will be made by schubert + braun prothesenwerk gmbh Service Production.
Plaster casting
  • In plaster casting please make sure the relevant region or extremity is not in an extreme position, such as a finger or finger stump in hyperextension or inflexion.
  • Use porous plaster to pour the plaster negatives.
For the following implements please include a bar into the casting:
  • silicone scar compression glove
  • silicone liners
  • silicone hand orthesis
Positioning of the bars
  • Please place the bars centrally, with sufficient distance to the plaster surface, to allow for reduction. The bar should protrude from the plaster positive by about 10 cm.
For finger and hand casts, please cast the hand in functional position:
  • Wrist extended by 25° – 30°.
  • The wrist should not show any radial or ulnar deviation.
  • The fingers are slightly inflected to be able to establish contact between thumb, index and middle finger.
  • Thumb in direct opposition with index and middle finger
Please sketch in the required parameters on the plaster positive using a soft pencil:
  • Delimitations of the implement
  • Position of the fasteners
  • Position of the pull-on aids
  • Position of the myo electrode
  • Position of the pins
  • Position of the attachment
  • Plumb line